NLBMDA Legislative Coalitions

As the voice for lumber dealers on Capitol Hill, NLBMDA regularly partners with other organizations and participates in coalitions. Below is a list of formal coalitions with which NLBMDA is actively involved. If you have questions regarding any of the coalitions NLBMDA participates in, please contact NLBMDA at [email protected].

NLBMDA Coalition Partners:

Merchants Payments Coalition

The Merchants Payments Coalition is a group of retailers, supermarkets, restaurants, drug stores, convenience stores, gas stations, online merchants, and other businesses focused on reforming the U.S. payments system to make it more transparent and competitive. MPC firmly believes in opening up the payments market and introducing competition, which in turn would lower costs and drive innovation.

Housing Affordability Coalition

The Housing Affordability Coalition is a group of businesses and housing industry members advocating for trade policies that lower tariffs on building materials to ensure the U.S. housing market is accessible to the next generation of Americans. 

A Call to Invest in Our Neighborhoods (ACTION)

The ACTION Campaign is a coalition of over 2,200 national, state, and local organizations and businesses working to address our nation’s severe shortage of affordable rental housing by protecting, expanding and strengthening the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit. The coalition is a leading supporter of the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act. 

Americans for Free Trade

The American for Free Trade is a broad coalition of American businesses, trade organizations, and workers united against tariffs.

Coalition for Democratic Workplace

The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace is composed of hundreds of organizations representing millions of businesses that employ tens of millions of workers nationwide in nearly every industry. CDW members are joined by their mutual concern over actions of the National Labor Relations Board that threatened employees, employers, and economic growth.

Coalition for Workplace Safety

The Coalition for Workplace Safety is a group of associations and employers who believe in improving workplace safety through cooperation, assistance, transparency, clarity, and accountability.

Council of Manufacturing Associations

The National Association of Manufacturers’ (NAM) Council of Manufacturing Associations (CMA) is a strategic partner, linking NLBMDA to the NAM industry and policy experts plus executives from manufacturing trade associations across the country. Through CMA, organizations gain insight; share perspectives; and have a voice on critical legislative and policy matters impacting manufacturers.

Family Business Coalition

The Family Business Coalition is a diverse collection of organizations and industry groups united for the common purpose of protecting America’s family businesses across the country. Our monthly coalition meetings connect top decision makers from Capitol Hill with family business coalition partners, family business owners, and state-based allies. Our group has the important task of monitoring and acting on legislation that affects family businesses in Congress. We are the voice of America’s main economic engine – family businesses – working together towards a better business climate that promotes private business expansion and job growth.

Partnership to Protect Workplace Opportunity

The Partnership to Protect Workplace Opportunity (PPWO) consists of a diverse group of associations, businesses, and other stakeholders representing employers with millions of employees across the country in almost every industry. The Partnership is dedicated to advocating for the interests of its members in the regulatory debate on changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime regulations. The Partnership’s members believe that employees and employers alike are best served with a system that promotes maximum flexibility in structuring employee hours, career advancement opportunities for employees, and clarity for employers when classifying employees.

Tomorrow's Workforce Coalition

The Tomorrow’s Workforce Coalition includes more than 500 organizations that operate in more than 40 industries and advocates for beneficial workforce development policy that would strengthen the economy now and into the future. The Coalition supports the bipartisan, bicameral Freedom to Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce Act (S. 722 / H.R. 1477), which would expand qualified expenses under 529 savings plans to include postsecondary training and credentialing, such as licenses and professional certifications. The bill would provide valuable tax-advantaged resources for families, students and workers—with or without a college degree—who pursue career growth, mid-career changes or pathways that diverge from a typical academic route.