Lumber Market Forecasts | Layman's Lumber Guide 

Exclusive Discount with NLBMDA Membership 

NLBMDA has partnered with Layman’s Lumber Guide to offer an exclusive member only discount for their market forecasts. Layman’s Lumber Guide is one of the industry's most prominent and reliable lumber market analyses and forecasts, covering Southern Yellow Pine lumber, Canadian SPF lumber, Western US lumber and OSB...projecting "WHEN" lumber & OSB prices will most likely reverse or accelerate trends with 86% accuracy (+/- one week) since 1992.

In support of NLBMDA we would like to offer its members a 2-month free trial. After the trial, a 20% discount on ALL annual paid in full memberships will be offered. Half of the discount will be applied to the LLG membership and half will be donated to NLBMDA in support of their contributions to our lumber industry.

Only NLBMDA members in good standing are eligible for participation in this program. If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact NLBMDA at [email protected].

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